Ahmad Shahzad quits PSL

Ahmad Shahzad

LAHORE: Pakistani cricketer Ahmad Shahzad announced to quit the Pakistan Super League (PSL) due to continuous neglect in the draft of players.

Drafts for the ninth edition of Pakistan Super League were held two days ago in Lahore, in which PSL teams picked players for their team in the draft, but Ahmad Shehzad was not picked by any team.

Ahmed Shehzad turned to social media and wrote a heartfelt note saying that he had thought that he would not write this note this year. Another draft has passed but the same old story!

‘Allah knows best why I was not selected, they plan, and Allah plans. Indeed Allah is the best planned,’ added the cricketer.

Ahmad stated that he has consistently worked hard to play well in domestic cricket, played well in the national T20 before the PSL draft.

“I feel there has been a deliberate attempt to keep me out. Those with less numbers are preferred, if this is set then it doesn’t matte”r, told the cricketer.

He continued to write that he quit PSL for his self-respect and will not play PSL again with these six teams.

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