Taliban’s behavior over water rights better than Ghani govt: Iran FM

Taliban Ashraf Ghani Iran FM

WEB DESK: Iran’s Foreign Minister (FM), Hossein Amir Abdollahian, praised the Taliban interim government for their approach towards water rights in comparison to the stance of the former Afghan president, Ashraf Ghani.

In a recent interview with Iran’s Ettela’at newspaper, Abdollahian recalled the comments made by Ghani during the inauguration of the Kajaki Dam. The former president had proposed a barter system, suggesting Afghanistan would provide water to Iran in return for fuel.

Abdollahian said, “While we remember Ghani’s statements, the current Afghan administration has frequently emphasized its commitment to the treaty.” He appreciated the recent visit of an Iranian technical delegation to Afghanistan as a positive gesture but remarked that it should have happened earlier.

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Iran’s top diplomat expects the IEA to honor its water-sharing commitments, especially during non-drought periods. Abdollahian expressed hope for continued collaboration with the IEA, aiming for a mutual understanding regarding the water treaty. “Our expectation is that any shortfall in water supply isn’t due to broken promises or treaty violations,” he stated.

Furthermore, Abdollahian reiterated the importance of a diverse and inclusive Afghan government, emphasizing the inclusion of all ethnic groups.

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