Shehbaz Sharif, Raja Riaz fail to reach consensus on caretaker PM

Shehbaz Sharif

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and the Opposition Leader Raja Riaz have failed to reach a consensus regarding the appointment of a caretaker prime ministe.

Following consultations with the prime minister on the names put forward by the opposition leader,  both the leaders failed to reach a consensus on the nomination of the interim prime minister.

Further discussions are slated to take place tomorrow concerning the nomination of the caretaker prime minister, as confirmed by Raja Riaz.

Raja Riaz disclosed that a total of six names, including those of the prime minister and his own, have been under consideration.

MQM-P proposes Sindh governor Tessori for caretaker PM

During the dialogue with the prime minister, Raja Riaz conveyed his intent to engage in deliberations on the names proposed by both parties. He asserted his optimism, stating that he and the prime minister would eventually find common ground on a single nominee.

He underscored that the consultations with Prime Minister Sharif were held in a conducive environment.

The opposition leader reiterated that further discussions would be held tomorrow regarding the nomination of the caretaker prime minister, reiterating the count of six names being evaluated.

The ongoing negotiations revolve around the paramount task of selecting an interim leader to steer the country through a transitional period.

Despite the present impasse, both the prime minister and the opposition leader remain hopeful that a mutually agreeable candidate will emerge from their collaborative efforts.

**Three-Day Window to Finalize Caretaker Prime Minister’s Name After Assembly Dissolution; Parliament Committee to Step In If No Resolution**

With the dissolution of the assembly, a three-day period has been allocated to determine the name of the caretaker prime minister. Should the name not be finalized within this time frame, the matter will be forwarded to the parliamentary committee for deliberation.

The parliamentary committee will convene within three days to make a final decision on the nomination for caretaker prime minister. In the event that the parliamentary committee also fails to reach a conclusion, the matter will then be forwarded to the Election Commission of Pakistan.

The Election Commission of Pakistan, in turn, will announce the name of the caretaker prime minister from the names provided, within two days.

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