Sadaqat Ali Abbasi: We are open to collaborating with any party that respects constitution

Sadaqat Ali Abbasi:

ISLAMABAD: In a recent episode of the programme Power Politics with Adil Abbasi on Hum News, Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf (PTI) leader Sadaqat Ali Abbasi expressed concerns about the current electricity shortfall and its impact on the country. He highlighted the issue of investors’ reluctance to invest in Pakistan due to political instability, which has been affecting the nation.

Sadaqat mentioned that the recent change in regime has negatively impacted Pakistan, causing a significant increase in the price of electricity units from around PKR 16 to 20 to PKR 60 per unit. He questioned the reasons behind this drastic change and the resulting loss of hope among the people.

“Political stability ensures economic progress,” Sadaqat said.

Meanwhile, host Adil Abbasi raised the point that both PTI and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) are blaming each other for the nation’s issues instead of taking responsibility.

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“Ex Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was found incapable of effectively running the office in 2017, still they did not do anything. Whereas, PTI’s tenure had yielded positive results, contrasting with the previous government,” he added.

Adil Abbasi highlighted the need for politicians to work together for the country’s progress rather than assigning blames.

Sadaqat said: “We are open to collaborating with any party that respects constitution”.

Addressing PTI chief’s facilities in jail, Adil Abbasi questioned the political implications of granting such privileges. Sadaqat responded by distancing PTI from any involvement in the May 9 violence and advocating for a judicial commission to ensure justice.

“PTI was not responsible for the violence on May 9. Instead I would like to question the targeting of peaceful PTI protestors on May 25, 2022. Don’t feed public with the false narratives,” Sadaqat Ali Abbasi said.

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