Renowned public health expert Dr Nadeem Jan sworn in as caretaker health minister

ISLAMABAD: Dr Nadeem Jan, renowned for his experience and expertise in Public Health, Governance, and Policy, has taken the oath as the caretaker health minister of Pakistan.
With career spanning over 28 years, Dr Jan’s qualifications have garnered international recognition.

Holding an MBBS degree, along with an MPH (master of public health) and a GHSA certificate (Geneva), Dr Jan  has been honoured with both the “Tamgha-I-Imtiaz” and “Sitar-i-Imtiaz” awards for his contributions in public health.

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Dr Nadeem Jan’s career has included pivotal roles with international organisations such as the UN, USAID, WHO, the World Bank, Bill Gates Foundation, and the EU, as well as national governments.

He has been instrumental in developing health ministries in various countries, including Somalia, South Sudan, Kenya, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

In 2006-09, Dr Jan played a pivotal role in developing Somalia’s health system, earning him the “Presidential Award for Health Services” from the Somalian President – a testament to his contributions.

In 2012, the US government recognised his dedication to Pakistan’s health sector by awarding him the “Meritorious Services Award.”

His skills during the devastating floods emergency of the Philippines in 2013-14 earned him the “Plaque of Excellence” from the Philippine government.

For steering the Ex-FATA region towards becoming polio-free and contributing to health reforms from 2016-18, he was awarded the “Meritorious Services Award”.

In 2020-21, Dr Jan’s advocacy campaign for vaccine equity garnered international attention, creating global momentum for the cause of “Vaccine for all.”

In collaboration with global stakeholders, he championed the “No one is Safe until everyone is safe” COVID-19 vaccine movement, countering vaccine monopolization.

His work extended to critical areas such as Afghanistan, where he aided in crafting “The Afghan Coordination Cell” and the “Afghanistan Common Humanitarian Support Fund.”

Dr Jan played a major role in Pakistan’s COVID-19 response strategy, including the establishment of the “NCOC”.

He underwent training from prestigious institutions such as “The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine,” “Kings College London,” and “CDC Atlanta, USA.”

Dr Jan is an active member of influential national and international health networks, utilising these connections for Pakistan’s benefit.

He has also contributed to international media outlets such as Arab News, British Medical Journal, BBC, and Aljazeera.

According to an official of the World Health Organization who wished not to be named, Dr. Jan’s work in challenging contexts, including Somalia, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, “has impacted millions of lives”.

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