Punjab Police reshuffled

Punjab police

Lahore: A significant restructuring of Punjab’s police force was initiated by Inspector General Usman Anwar on Saturday, resulting in a comprehensive realignment of key positions.

A total of 42 police officers holding diverse roles have felt the impact of this surge in new appointments.

Among the notable changes, Anwar Saeed Tahir has assumed the role of Deputy Director within the Special Protection Unit (SPU) located in Lahore.

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Similarly, Asif Ameen has taken on the responsibility of Additional Director within the same unit. Shazia Sarwar has transitioned into the role of SP within the Investigation Branch based in Lahore.

In Raiwind, Lahore, Afzal Naseer has been designated as SP Security, while Muhammad Islam Khan has assumed the position of SP Security for the Lahore High Court. Further afield, in Multan’s Saddar district, Shamsuddin has stepped into the role of SP.

Sidra Khan, previously serving as Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) in Chungi, Lahore, has now been bestowed with the additional title of SP for Lahore’s Saddar district.

Concurrently, the former SP of Saddar in Lahore, Waqar Azeem, has received instructions to report to the Central Police Office. This reshuffle marks a substantial change in the operational landscape of Punjab’s police force.

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