KP police bolsters arsenal to counter terrorism surge


PESHAWAR: In a proactive response to an escalating threat of terrorism, the police force operating in sensitive areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) has undergone a significant upgrade in their weaponry, said Inspector General of Police (IGP) Akhtar Hayat while speaking to Hum News.

He said that the unfolding situation in the neighboring Afghanistan has caused a new wave of terrorism to impact the province.

IGP Hayat revealed that weaponry abandoned by departing forces in Afghanistan has found its way into the hands of these terrorist elements, further exacerbating the security challenge.

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“Thermal imaging technology was used to attack the Police from a distance of 200 meters”, he said.

He also informed that the Police have traced most of the terrorist incidents, including the Dir, Bannu Shabqadar and Police Lines explosions. He said that the police have not left any outpost, police station or area unmanned, which is why not a single nocturnal attack on any outpost has been successful for the past five months.

Terrorists were able to occupy several areas in the past. This time there is no place where terrorists can claim occupation, he assured, adding “Security forces, Counter-terrorism Department (CTD), and Police, are working together to thwart threats of terrorism”.

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