Doctored video of journalist Javed Chaudhry making rounds on social media

javed chaudhry fake video viral

WEB DESK: A video circulating on social media has stirred controversy, featuring Javed Chaudhry, a well-known YouTuber and journalist.

The doctored video suggests that Khawar Maneka’s two sons were kidnapped, stripped, and coerced into making statements against Imran Khan, accusing the former Prime Minister of negatively impacting their lives through his marriage to their mother, Bushra Bibi.

Javed Chaudhary, speaking with Hum News, vehemently denied the video’s authenticity, clarifying that it is not an original recording but an AI-generated, doctored version of a clip featuring him.

The video initially gained attention on social media, causing confusion over its legitimacy. Some believed it to be genuine, while others recognised it as a manipulated video created through artificial intelligence.

Chaudhary said that the original clip solely featured him, mentioning that Khawar Maneka’s sons were expected to release statements against Imran Khan.

The unaltered video did not include any references to the alleged mistreatment of the sons, the removal of their clothes, or details about those responsible for their purported kidnapping.

This clarification highlights the challenges posed by manipulated content on social media and underscores the importance of critical evaluation before accepting such information as factual.

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