Is there any such thing like ‘caretaker national government’?

national government

ISLAMABAD:  A debate is under way among political stakeholders about prospects of installing a ‘caretaker national government’ that can run the country for quite some time to resolve the issues confronting the country.

Sources have confirmed that the composition of the caretaker federal cabinet is one of the top factors that had been causing delay in announcement of the caretaker prime minister despite dissolution of the National Assembly.

Off-record discussions with top hawks of the component parties of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) revealed that the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) are highly concerned about the formation of caretaker federal government.

“Both these parties tried their best to install one of their favourite candidates as a caretaker prime minister. But despite all their efforts they failed to do so and reluctantly agreed on a name that was actually forwarded by the ‘powerful quarters’. The PML-N and the PPP also have a clear idea that the caretaker set up will stay longer than the time given in the constitution. Now they are focusing on formation of a caretaker federal cabinet and many of their top hawks are of the view that their members should become part of it,” sources said.

The sources said that the formula of a caretaker national government must need approval from the ‘powerful quarters’ that are highly concerned about political instability and declining national economy.

But there are some leaders in the PML-N who are not in favour of an all-inclusive caretaker government and they have informed PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif that if representatives of the PML-N would become part of the caretaker set up, then it would further decrease its popularity graph because the revival of economy was not possible in four to six months.

A senior member of the PML-N requesting anonymity told Hum News English that “There should be a ‘caretaker national government’ because the responsibility of running the affairs of the government cannot be given to technocrats for longer period. The technocrats lack political wisdom and they often appear insensitive to problems of the common man.”

He claimed that the name of the caretaker prime minister was finalised 10 days back and from then they have been discussing the issues related to the formation of the caretaker federal cabinet.

Talking to Hum News English, PML-N leader Senator Javed Iqbal Abbasi said “The politicians can also become part of the caretaker set up because there is no such restriction in the constitution. They can better understand the issues related to the people. Our party is in touch with other political groups and, hopefully, all decisions will be taken by consensus.”

PPP leader Qamar Zaman Kaira told Hum News English that “Pakistan is facing innumerable problems and there is a need for concerted efforts to address them in line with the aspirations of the common people. The politicians can deal with both political and economic challenges, so those politicians who can work impartially can be part of the caretaker cabinet.”

Istehkam-e-Pakistan Party spokesman Fayyazul Hasan Chohan told Hum News English that “The general election will not be held within 90 days because the country is facing multiple challenges. The debate is under way on the formation of the caretaker federal cabinet and everything will be done in consultation with all stakeholders.”

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