Health woes hit ECP secretary; opts for leave


ISLAMABAD: Sources reveal that Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) Secretary Omar Hamid Khan Ali has been grappling with a chest infection for the past week, impacting the delivery of his responsibilities at the ECP.

An important meeting was held between Secretary Omar Khan and the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Sikandar Sultan Raja on Sunday.

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Given the severity of his condition, Omar Khan has sought respite from his duties, prompting speculation about the potential impact on election-related tasks, especially with the upcoming elections drawing near.

Sources further suggest that Omar Khan has offered to tender his resignation to the CEC amid health concerns. However, the CEC has advised Khan to prioritise rest and undergo the best available treatment for a full recovery. ECP Secretary has yet to formally submit a written resignation, sources clarified.

ECP Spokesperson offered an explanation on the news circulating regarding ECP secretary’s resignation, saying that his health has been bad for the past few days and he is on medical leave. “If his health permits, he will soon perform his duties”, the spokesperson added.

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