Atta Tarar: Parvez Elahi has extenisve record of corruption

ISLAMABAD: During the programme Hum Dekhenge on HUM News, host Mansoor Ali Khan inquired about Atta Tarar’s perspective on the Bar Council’s announcement of a protest concerning the elections.

Tarar said that the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) holds the Bar Council in high regard, emphasising their political alignment. However, he asserted his right to dissent, which he did in this case.

He pointed out that the state has invested both time and resources in constituency delimitation and said that certain districts still faced significant issues, and until these concerns were addressed, fair elections remained a challenge. He noted that the Council of Common Interests (CCI), a constitutional body, would determine the election schedule once delimitation was completed, likely in February.

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Meanwhile, host Abbasi raised concerns about human rights violations, citing the arrests of Parvez Elahi, which had drawn the ire of the Lahore High Court. Khan pointed out that such arrests were tarnishing the interim government’s reputation and that of the PML-N.

Tarar responded by recalling the hardships faced by PML-N leaders due to what he considered false cases and asked why human rights activists had remained silent during those times. He said that PML-N leaders had spent three years in jail.

The host noted that whenever this issue is raised with PML-N leaders, they often justify it by referring to their own experiences.

“It is not justification but a fact that the PML-N had been targeted, with the entire judicial system seemingly against them,” Atta Tarar added.

Furthermore, Tarar concluded by stating that those responsible for the violence on May 9 and the targeting of national institutions should not receive leniency. He criticized Parvez Elahi for transforming Lahore and accused him of facilitating corruption for his son Moonis Elahi. Atta Tarar asserted that Parvez Elahi’s corruption allegations were extensive and would persist.

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