Yasin Malik’s daughter petitions UN for release of father

Yasin Malik

MAZAFFARABAD: In a poignant move to advocate for the release of her father, Yasin Malik, his 11-year-old daughter Razia Sultan has filed a petition at the United Nations’ office in Muzzafarabad.

Razia Sultan presented a memorandum to the United Nations rapporteur, urging the international body to take a definitive stance to uphold justice and human rights.

Together with her mother, Mushaal Hussein Mullick, Razia Sultan embarked on a journey to Muzaffarabad to officially file her plea.

The symbolic act carries profound implications as Yasin Malik, a prominent Kashmiri leader, remains in detention in notorious Tihar jail of India.

Mushaal Mullick revealed the mounting pressure from the Indian government on Yasin Malik, portraying him as a prominent symbol of resistance against the regime.

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She said that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi could do anything to Yasin Malik to win elections.

Mushaal Mullick asserted that the UN should fully honour its fundamental responsibilities, emphasising the importance of amplifying the voices of the oppressed Kashmiri population.

She said that Yasin Malik remains confined within a death cell, and he was being subjected to severe physical and psychological torture.

Mushaal Mullick said that Yasin malik was being denied physical presence in court while being subjected to physical abuse in jail.

Razia Sultan, who referred to her father as the warrior of Kashmir, expressed her ardent desire to reunite with him.

She said that she cherishes the brief moments when she met him during her formative years, and despite the distance.

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