Clear skies after rain: Punjab schools will not be closed this Wednesday

Wednesday school holiday

WEB DESK: Caretaker Education Minister for Punjab, Mansoor Qadir, confirmed on Monday that the government has chosen not to close educational institutions in the province this coming Wednesday, which is October 18.

Initially, there had been discussions among the caretakers about the possibility of temporarily shutting down schools and offices on Wednesdays, in addition to the regular weekly breaks, as a response to the severe smog conditions.

However, recent days have brought relief in the form of rain, which has significantly improved air quality in Lahore, the provincial capital most affected by smog. Consequently, the authorities have postponed any such decision.

Mansoor Qadir stated, “On this Wednesday, schools will not be closed. Every week, we will conduct meetings on the smog issue.”

Furthermore, during the same press conference, caretaker information minister Aamir Mir highlighted the annual health concerns related to smog and stressed the importance of public awareness.

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The minister said that the government has implemented Section 144 to mitigate smog-related issues and has imposed restrictions on vehicular movement that could contribute to the further propagation of smog.

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