Weather turns pleasant in Islamabad after rain

Thunderstorm in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: Sudden change in Islamabad weather in the afternoon today, including strong winds and rains, disrupted the electricity supply in the Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) region, as over 50 feeders tripped across various areas.

Multiple faults were reported on feeders at key locations, including Lohi Bher Highway, Police Lines, Golra, and Alipur Masriyal. The situation further exacerbated as feeders in I-14, Westridge, New Rawat, and other regions also encountered faults, according to a spokesperson from IESCO.

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Residents in several areas, including Lalazar, Chontra, Kashmir Road, Nara Muttur, Kahota, City, Lahtrar, Morgah, and Race Course, experienced electricity suspension.

IESCO has deployed staff to address these feeder-related faults, a spokesperson from IESCO saidm adding that citizens are advised to maintain a safe distance from electrical installations, particularly during rainstorms.

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