Rs16.8 billion approved to address water-related issues in Karachi

Karachi water supply problems to be addressed

KARACHI: Sindh’s caretaker Chief Minister (CM), Justice (retd) Maqbool Baqar, has greenlit a substantial investment of Rs16.8 billion for development initiatives in Karachi.

In a directive to the provincial finance department, he urged the swift release of the allocated funds upon completing the necessary formalities.

Addressing a meeting at the CM House, Baqar expressed the urgency to initiate vital schemes, including the 65 MGD additional supply scheme, TP-I and TP-III, and the 10 MGD water supply scheme, signalling the commencement of work on water supply and treatment plants.

During the meeting, it was disclosed that Karachi holds an approved water quota of 1,200 cusecs (650 MGD) from the Indus River, facilitated by the Karachi Water & Sewerage Corporation (KWSC).

The existing bulk water supply infrastructure encompasses canals, conduits, pumping stations, and filter plants designed to transport water to the city.

Focusing on the utilisation of the available 65 MGD capacity from the Keenjhar Gujjo Canal, Karachi Mayor Barrister Murtaza Wahab emphasised the project’s exclusive right of way with no encumbrance.

Acknowledging a delay in the public-private partnership, Baqar directed the planning and development department to endorse the scheme within 10 days.

Additionally, he instructed the finance department to release Rs4.5 billion promptly to initiate the project.

Highlighting the water scarcity in the SITE Industrial Area, Baqar directed KWSC to enhance its system by replacing old lines and rehabilitating the Nazimabad pumping station. He sanctioned Rs2.1 billion to address the water needs of SITE Ltd.

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Furthermore, Baqar mandated KWSC to lay a dedicated 24-inch-diameter pipeline spanning 29km from Dumlottee to DHA, allocating Rs2.1 billion for the project to meet DHA’s critical water requirements.

According to The News, the meeting also addressed challenges arising from the 2014 inflation rates affecting the capacity expansion of sewerage treatment plants.

To address this, Baqar approved Rs5 billion to kickstart the descaling of contracts for treatment, reducing TP-I from 1,000 MGD to 35 MGD and TP-III from 180 MGD to 100 MGD.

Urging KWSC to prepare and initiate the project promptly, Baqar demonstrated a commitment to addressing Karachi’s pressing developmental needs.


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