Islamabad Capital Police rolls out virtual driving licencing system

Islamabad driving license smart

ISLAMABAD: In a bid to enhance convenience for citizens, the Islamabad Capital Police has introduced virtual driving licences.

This innovative move enables individuals holding driving licences in Islamabad to seamlessly acquire their virtual licenses.

To do so, individuals can simply visit the official Islamabad Police website, where they are required to input their National Identity Card number, driving licence number, and expiration date.

This significant initiative is designed to streamline the process of obtaining driving licences, allowing residents to complete the procedure from the comfort of their homes.

Additionally, citizens can conveniently renew their driving licences by leveraging this online facility.

CPO Safe City/Traffic underscores that the primary objective behind this initiative is to offer enhanced services to the residents of the federal capital.

Special police teams are actively engaged in educating the public about traffic laws and promoting road safety through various checkpoints and road initiatives.

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