Eminent lawyer and senior politician Senator SM Zafar passes away

SM Zafar passes away

LAHORE: Veteran lawyer and senior politician Senator SM Zafar has passed away, at the age of 93, according to family sources.

The family sources say that he had been ill for a long time.

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He was a part of PML-Q before quitting politics in 2018. He also represented the party as a  senator in the Upper House. He also held the position of the federal minister for law in the final cabinet of Gen Ayub Khan.

In September 2021, Government College University Lahore presented a ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ in his honour.

He was the father of senior lawyer Ali Zafar.

Besides appearing in a number of high-profile cases including the acquittal of Dr AQ Khan in an appeal in the Appellate Court at Hague and the release of Amanullah Khan from a Magistrate Court in Brussels, who was to be deported to India on the behest of the Indian Government, Zafar was also called to assist the court as Pra-Bona Publico in numerous cases


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