Punjab govt to take action against substandard and unsafe cosmetic procedures

unsafe cosmetic surgeries in Lahore Pakistan

LAHORE: In a significant move to ensure public safety and well-being, the Punjab government has declared a strict zero-tolerance policy against hazardous cosmetics and unauthorised operations aimed at enhancing human beauty.

The announcement was made by Punjab’s Minister for Primary and Secondary Healthcare, Dr Jamal Nasir, during a press conference held on Friday.

Dr Nasir revealed that special teams, comprising personnel from the Punjab Healthcare Commission and the Drug Control Directorate of the Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department, Punjab, will be formed.

These specialised teams are tasked with initiating a comprehensive crackdown on hazardous cosmetics and the activities of non-qualified practitioners administering beauty injections or operating aesthetic clinics offering various surgeries.

The Drug Control Directorate will play a pivotal role in evaluating the registration status of beauty creams and cosmetics, ensuring that only safe and approved products are available on the market.

Simultaneously, the Punjab Healthcare Commission professionals will diligently review the clinical practices at these establishments, aiming to uphold and maintain the highest standards of healthcare and safety.

This strategic move by the Punjab government is to safeguard the public from potential health risks associated with substandard cosmetic products and unregulated beauty procedures.

The crackdown is a proactive step towards creating a safer environment for individuals seeking beauty treatments and interventions.

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