Twi injured in TLP Vs PPP clash in Nawabshah over political turf


NAWABSHAH: Tensions escalated in Nawabshah as a clash erupted between activists of Tehreek-i-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) and Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) on Monday, resulting in injuries to two TLP members, Dawn News reported.

The confrontation unfolded along a section of the Nawabshah-Sanghar road, where both factions pointed fingers at each other for inciting the violence.

The wounded individuals, identified as Irfan and Mushtaq Jatt, were promptly transported to Peoples Medical University Hospital in Nawabshah to receive medical attention.

Reports from the area suggest that the clash ensued while TLP activists were in the process of installing banners and raising flags near a PPP election office. The skirmish allegedly involved the use of iron rods and clubs, with some activists resorting to firing shots into the air, creating chaos and panic in the vicinity.

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Addressing the incident, local TLP leader Mr Naeem claimed that PPP workers had been removing TLP banners from various locations in Nawabshah, leading to escalating tensions. He further accused PPP workers of intimidating TLP supporters.

Emphasising restraint and a commitment to peace, Naeem stated that TLP activists had been instructed to remain calm. In response, PPP Shaheed Benazirabad district president Ali Akbar Jamali and information secretary Rashid Chandio released a press statement, accusing a faction of TLP activists of attacking the PPP office and firing shots.

The PPP leaders alleged that the TLP’s actions were aimed at disrupting the otherwise tranquil election environment in the region. Urging intervention from the Election Commission of Pakistan and Shaheed Benazirabad SSP, they called for legal action against the alleged misconduct of TLP activists.

Amidst the escalating tensions, both parties advised their supporters not to react to provocations. This clash comes against the backdrop of simmering disputes between the local chapters of TLP and PPP, with a recent altercation on January 16 in Fotohal Zardari village near Qazi Ahmed town resulting in the death of a TLP activist.

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Independent sources, however, have suggested that the clash was rooted in a land dispute within the Zardrai clan, rather than being driven by political or religious motives.

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