Tragic road accidents claim seven lives

road accidents

ISLAMABAD: Seven people have been killed in two separate road accidents late night and in the early morning hours.

In a heart-wrenching incident, two lives were lost in a collision between a motorcycle and a tractor-trolley in Bahawalnagar. Rescue sources have indicated that the accident was a consequence of over-speeding, shedding light on the urgent need for increased road safety measures.

The toll of sorrow continued on the national highway, where a more devastating collision involving two buses, a trolley, and a truck loaded with wheat resulted in the loss of five lives and left ten others severely injured in Bahawalpur.

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The gravity of the situation escalated when the wheat-laden truck caught fire upon impact, leading to the horrifying demise of five individuals, while ten others sustained severe injuries in the blaze.

According to reports from the rescue teams on the scene, the calamity unfolded as one of the buses attempted to evade a collision with a qingchi rickshaw.

The injured victims have been promptly transported to Bahawalpur Victoria Hospital for urgent medical attention, where efforts are underway to provide the necessary care and support.

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