Tourists throng ‘Kalash’ to enjoy week-long Chomus festival


ISLAMABAD: The annual week-long historic Kalash tribe’s colourful ‘ Chomus festival has begun and is attracting a large number of tourists from all corners of the country and abroad.

Various unique cultural festivals will be part of the main carnival, including the slaughter of sacrificial goats, traditional dance, and making effigies of different animals with wheat flour.

Hug crowds of tourists are visiting the scenic valley to enjoy the cultural festival of Kalash, which will continue until December 22.

What is the Chomus festival?

Chomus festival is celebrated in winter every year and holds great importance among the Kalasha people. It is celebrated with a colourful swirl of traditional dances, foods, and prayer chants to the Balomain spirit by the Kalasha tribe.

”The locals perform rituals for purification during the festival at the dawn of the New Year, said a local. “The Chomus festival  Kalash festival is a must-attend event for anyone interested in culture, which offers a unique opportunity to learn about Pakistani culture and make lifelong memories,” said a tourist.

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“It provides a meaningful experience by letting guests observe the colourful customs of the Kalash people as they joyfully and respectfully mark the winter solstice,” said another foreign tourist.

“This colourful event is attracting locals and travellers, who are enjoying plenty of activities around a large bonfire,” he added. INP

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