Toddler falls into gutter in Karachi


KARACHI: A four-year-old girl met a tragic end after falling into a gutter in Baldia Town in the latest of a string of similar fatal accidents on Thursday.

The child, who has been identified as Umrah Baloch, was playing alone in a narrow alley in the Baldia Town subdivision of Karachi, when she slipped and fell into the gutter.

Umrah was retrieved by locals present on the scene alongside police officials, but efforts to save her were in vain. She was pronounced dead shortly after the incident.

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According to sources within the police, Umrah’s family turned down the possibility of taking legal action. They chose to transport Umrah’s body from a private hospital to their residence.

The police stated that they are now attempting to contact the family as they work to obtain further details regarding the incident that caused the child’s untimely death.

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