Teachers strike: Educational activities remain suspended in govt schools

teachers strike

RAWALPINDI: In government educational institutions, teaching activities have ceased for the past four days due to a strike by government employees, which includes teachers, clerical staff, and non-teaching personnel in all public schools and departments throughout the entire district.

Following their recent boycott of official duties in the Rawalpindi division, government employees have opted to initiate a protest sit-in outside the Punjab Chief Minister’s Office in Lahore.

Their Lahore protest is in response to concerns over the privatization of government schools, alterations to pension regulations, and the issue of leave encashment.

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The demonstrators have pledged to persist in their protest until their demands receive approval.

Meanwhile, as these employees head to Lahore for an indefinite sit-in, the educational system in all government schools and the day-to-day operations of all 30 public departments have remained disrupted throughout the entire week.

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