Faizabad dharna case: SC gives Oct 27 deadline for replies

Faizabad dharna

ISLAMABAD: In a recent development, the Supreme Court of Pakistan has issued a four-page written order in the Faizabad dharna revision case, authored by Chief Justice Qazi Faiz Isa. During the court hearing, several key points and questions were raised.

Attorney General Mansoor Usman Awan stated that the Ministry of Defense had no further actions to take regarding the revision petition and decree. Additionally, Intelligence Bureau (IB), Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA), and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) also sought to withdraw their revision petitions.

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Petitioner Ejaz-ul-Haq raised an objection to paragraph number four of the judgment and the decree. Four important questions emerged during the proceedings; Why wasn’t the decree fixed for a hearing despite the passage of time; Why were multiple miscellaneous petitions filed simultaneously to withdraw the revision petitions and decree; Is the decision to withdraw the revision petitions independent and in line with constitutional and legal institutions; and has the Faizabad dharna case decision been fully implemented.

The court noted that, since some petitioners were absent, the court would give them another chance to present their positions. Some individuals had publicly expressed their dissatisfaction, claiming that the court did not consider their viewpoint in the Faizabad sit-in case, the court noted.

The court encouraged any aggrieved party to come forward and submit their position in writing, allowing for an opportunity to file an affidavit. The Attorney General emphasized that the scope of the Faizabad dharna should not be expanded, as it was initially intended for a limited time.

Interested parties or individuals wishing to submit their replies have until October 27 to do so. The next hearing of the case is scheduled for November 1 in the Supreme Court.

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