Students protest outside PMDC against MDCAT criteria


ISLAMABAD: Numerous foreign graduates demonstrated in front of the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) on Tuesday against MDCAT criteria, the test for admission to medical and dental universities.

The demonstrators claimed that no country in the world has a passing rate of 70% and questioned why foreign graduates were treated in such a way.

The demonstration was also attended by the students’ parents. They expressed regret at having used all of their savings to fulfill their children’s goals while being denied a license.

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The protesting students questioned whose directive it was to raise the passing marks.

Following the PMDC’s announcement of the MDCAT exam date, #DelayMDCAT2023 became one of the most popular hashtags in Pakistan.

For aspiring medical and dental students, the MDCAT is required. It acts as a point of entry to both public and private medical and dental colleges around the nation, enabling qualified students to start their careers in medicine.

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