Solangi: Protests won’t reduce electricity costs


ISLAMABAD: Interim Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Murtaza Solangi has said that peaceful protests are a right of the people on any matter, but no one is allowed to target violent attacks and government actions.

Solangi took to his X and addressed the ongoing protests against rising electricity bills and wrote: “I mentioned this yesterday and I am reiterating it today: Protests, burning bills, or non-payment won’t reduce electricity costs.”

He said that failing to pay electricity bills would result in power outages for most people; he underscored the need for better understanding, comprehension, and improved government initiatives to address these concerns.

Earlier, Solangi said in an interview that certain recommendations had been put under consideration in the cabinet meeting, some of which have been decided upon. However, he had noted that some decisions required consultation with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for proper implementation.

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Meanwhile, he had mentioned that Finance Minister Shaukat Tareen was in contact with IMF, and final determinations would be made after analysing the primary surplus and circular debt.

However, the IMF was expected to convene to decide on matters pertaining to electricity bills, as said by Solangi.

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