Smog update: brick kilns given three days to convert to zigzag technology

brick kilns

SIALKOT: Brick kilns workers in the region have been given a three-day ultimatum to adopt smart zig-zag technology, or face the prospect of their kilns being demolished or shut down.

 Zigzag technonology is a design change that makes fuel use more efficient. Combined with the use of an air blower, an internal zigzag structure in kilns can cut coal consumption, significantly reduce emissions and improve the quality of the bricks made.

The stern warning came from ADC Revenue Mohammad Iqbal, who chaired a session addressing the ongoing smog situation on Thursday.

During the meeting, a decisive stance was taken to address the issue of those burning crop leftovers and operating brick kilns without adhering to zig-zag technology.

Lahore plunges into severe smog crisis with hazardous air quality levels

Stringent actions were determined to be taken against the offenders, with arrests anticipated and revenue officers and local patwaris held accountable for enforcement.

Mohammad Iqbal also directed the irrigation department to intensify its awareness campaign regarding the environmental and public health impacts of crop burning leading to smog in the area.

The call for urgency in adopting environmentally-friendly practices underscores the authorities’ commitment to curbing the factors contributing to the prevalent smog issue in the area.

Three days smog holiday has already been declared in six divisions of Punjab.

Effect On Environment Due To Smog

Smog is a combination of ozone-forming air pollutants mixed with sunshine. Depending on its position, ozone can be helpful or negative, good or bad. Health conditions such as asthma, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, and other respiratory problems, as well as eye irritation and decreased susceptibility to colds and lung infections, can be caused or exacerbated by smog.

In smog, ozone also prevents the growth of plants and can cause significant damage to crops and forests.

Anyone who engages in strenuous outdoor exercise can experience smog-related health effects, from jogging to manual labor. Physical exercise makes individuals breathe faster and deeper, exposing more ozone and other contaminants to their lungs.

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