Sir Ganga Ram Hospital lacks life-saving medicine

medicines shortage

LAHORE: The historic Sir Ganga Ram hospital is facing shortages of life-saving medicines and equipment, causing concern amongst the patients and attendants.

Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, is a 550-bed hospital in Lahore, affiliated with the Fatima Jinnah Medical University and is one of the oldest and largest hospitals of the metropolitan city.

Hospital records show that 25 types of medicine are completely out of stock, including medicines for heart patients, and insulin, which is vital to the treatment of diabetic patients.

Medicine for jaundice, a common affliction in babies, and basic medicine for fever and pain like Panadol syrup is also not available.

CM Punjab unhappy with HFH state of affairs

Furthermore, there are shortages of drape sets, anesthesia, and medicines that are vital to surgeries. Other materials like X-ray films are few and far between as well.

The Punjab Health Department has stated that they are working to resolve the deficiencies as soon as possible.

Caretaker Chief Minister of Punjab Mohsin Raza Naqvi during his visit to various hospitals of the city has already expressed his displeasure at their state of affairs and appallingly poor facilities. He also previously expressed his commitment to improving the condition of Lahore hospitals.

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