Sindh to set up detention camps for keeping illegal Afghan immigrants

Sindh illegal Afghan refugees

KARACHI: The Sindh government has announced plans to establish detention camps across all seven districts of Karachi to house illegal Afghan immigrants.

The caretaker government has issued an ultimatum to all undocumented immigrants, including Afghan nationals, directing them to leave Pakistan by November 1. Failure to comply may result in imprisonment and subsequent deportation to their home countries.

Sources report that the detention camps will be utilized to house apprehended illegal Afghan immigrants. Deportations from these camps will be conducted using buses and ships, according to insider information. Various government buildings have been designated to serve as detention centers, and oversight of these facilities will be entrusted to Senior Superintendents of Police (SSPs) from their respective districts.

Apex Committee: One document policy for Afghanistan to be implemented

Intelligence agencies will closely monitor all processes, from the initial detention of Afghan citizens to their eventual deportation. These actions have been undertaken in alignment with decisions made by the Apex Committee in Islamabad. The committee has determined that border crossings will require valid passports and visas, with electronic Afghan identity cards only remaining acceptable until October 31.

Following this deadline, authorities will initiate operations targeting illegal properties and businesses owned by immigrants or establishments operating in collaboration with Pakistani nationals.

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