Sindh governor declines signing of Karachi Metropolitan University Bill

Sindh Governor

KARACHI: The Governor of Sindh, Kamran Tessori, Saturday declined to provide his signature to the Karachi Metropolitan University bill, citing multiple objections.

The bill, which had been passed by the Sindh Assembly, was returned unsigned by Governor Tessori.

One of the key points of contention for the governor was the provision that would allow the mayor or administrator to assume the role of pro-vice chancellor at the university.

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Notably, the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) had put forth the proposal to establish a comprehensive public university in the Central District of Karachi last year.

This proposition gained momentum, leading to the former Sindh cabinet’s approval of the formation of the Karachi Metropolitan University within the city’s confines.

During this month, the preceding Sindh Assembly successfully sanctioned the ‘Karachi Metropolitan University Bill, 2022’. Governor Tessori’s recent refusal to endorse the bill, however, has introduced a hurdle in its enactment.

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