Sindh to get up to 180 electric buses for daily commuters

electric buses in Sindh

KARACHI: The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has reaffirmed its commitment to provide funding for additional electric buses intended for the Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) feeder routes in Sindh.

A delegation from the ADB, led by Principal Director F Cleo Kawawaki, held discussions with Sindh Caretaker Chief Minister (CM) Justice Retired Maqbool Baqar during a high-level meeting on Friday.

Caretaker CM Maqbool Baqar expressed the government’s objective to introduce electric buses on the BRT feeder routes as a measure to combat pollution.

The expansion of electric buses on BRT routes is anticipated to benefit approximately 50,000 daily commuters. He highlighted that the Sindh government has already prepared a feasibility report for the project.

According to ARY News, during the meeting, the Chairman of Planning and Development (P&D) informed the ADB delegation about the successful implementation of the Green and Orange Lines in Karachi, catering to an estimated daily passenger traffic of 50,000.

The integration of feeder route buses with existing and future lines is envisioned to enhance the long-term sustainability of the overall transportation system.

The Secretary of Transport outlined the project’s scope, indicating that 170-180 electric buses will be introduced to the existing BRT routes of the Green and Orange Lines.

Furthermore, he suggested partial electricity generation through solarisation, facilitated by a wheeling mechanism, to reduce operating costs.

The aim is to cover these costs through tariffs and non-tariff means, eliminating the need for operational subsidies.

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