Sialkot power show: Nawaz pins high hopes on ‘city of loyal people’

Sialkot PML-N

SIALKOT: Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) supremo Nawaz Sharif pledged on Sunday to prioritise skill development initiatives and facilitate access to loans for the youth.

During a rally in Sialkot, Nawaz Sharif stated, “Standing beside me, the most loyal individual from Sialkot is Khawaja Asif, whose father played a pivotal role in my political upbringing.”

Continuing, Nawaz Sharif emphasized, “My association with Khawaja Asif spans not 34, but 55 years. We graduated together from Government College Lahore.”

Nawaz said the PML-N would reconstruct the Sialkot-Lahore Motorway because it wasn’t constructed according the desired standards and connect the two cities through a railway line.

Shehbaz Sharif’s address:

President of PML-N Shehbaz Sharif while addressing the rally said, “Political opponents claim that the PML-N or Nawaz Sharif are not holding rallies. Are we holding a rally today in some room in Sialkot?”

Shehbaz Sharif further said, “Nawaz Sharif is will become Prime Minister for the fourth term. During India’s 5 nuclear tests, Nawaz Sharif responded with 6. He declined the American offer and propelled our nation into the realm of nuclear power.”

Shahbaz Sharif vowed, “Upon returning to power, we will once again set the wheel of progress in motion. A compassionate politician sometimes displays a farmer card, sometimes a laborer card in rallies.”

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Maryam Nawaz’s address:

PML-N Chief Organizer Maryam Nawaz expressed gratitude to the people of Sialkot, both leaders and citizens, for their unwavering support and loyalty.

She urged the youth to exercise their voting rights wisely, noting that someone who resorts to distributing

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