Sehat cards: Hospitals in Punjab stop free eye treatment

LAHORE: The Punjab caretaker government has made changes to the Sehat Sahulat Card programme in Punjab, abolishing the facility for free eye treatments.

The State Life Insurance Company has communicated this change to hospitals that conduct eye surgeries. In private hospitals across Punjab, crucial surgeries such as hernia, appendix, and gallbladder procedures will necessitate a 30 per cent payment. This decision will be implemented starting from September 1.

Read more: KP reinstates Sehat card free treatment

Earlier this month, the Sehat Card services in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) were suspended, leaving many patients without access to essential medical treatment. However, a few days later, the caretaker Chief Minister, Muhammad Azam Khan, swiftly responded to the suspension of free treatment under the Sehat Card Scheme and directed its immediate reinstatement.

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