Security drill at Margalla trails amidst security threats

ISLAMABAD: Following the discovery of a bag containing grenades, a pistol, a threatening note, and a map on one of the trails, the authorities have decided to conduct a mock exercise on Thursday to evaluate preparedness and response times in the event of a security emergency. The exercise will be conducted from 9 am to 3 pm, at Trail 3 and Trail 5.

A map identifying the Judges Enclave and two police posts was discovered at the Margalla Hills, in a bag. Following its recovery, a case was registered at the Counter Terrorism Department police station under Section 7 of the Anti-Terrorism Act, the 4/5 Explosive Act, and the Arms Ordinance.

Officials from the capital administration and the police disclosed that after the bag was found on Sunday, the police assumed control of the trail and its surrounding area. However, only a day later, a woman was attacked and robbed of her belongings, in the area.

NAB seeks to reopen shelved cases

In light of the security situation, the capital administration has opted to conduct a security drill on the two trails to assess readiness and responses to potential incidents. They noted that Trail 5 is located near the Judges Enclave, Ministers Enclave, and provincial houses.

A letter issued by the district magistrate’s office, addressed to the SSP of operations and security division and the CDA director of environment, stated that in order to prevent any untoward incidents and make necessary security arrangements during the drill. The assistant commissioner of the city will coordinate with all relevant parties.

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