SC penalises Bahria Town with Rs1 million for wasting its time

Bahria Town

WEB DESK: In a recent development, the Supreme Court has imposed a hefty fine of Rs1 million on Bahria Town (Pvt) Ltd, accusing the real estate giant of wasting the court’s time.

According to, the court directed Bahria Town to pay the amount to the Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT), a healthcare facility offering free-of-cost services.

Additionally, the court has ordered Bahria Town to reimburse the Sindh government for the expenses incurred during a land survey conducted by the Survey of Pakistan (SoP) to assess the developer’s land.

According to the media reports, the written order, spanning 13 pages, was issued on Monday by a three-judge bench led by Chief Justice Qazi Faez Isa.

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The case was brought to the court on November 23 through an application by Bahria Town, claiming a shortfall of 5,149 acres of land in Sindh’s Malir district as per a previous court judgment. The court found that Bahria Town did not suffer a shortfall and had, in fact, possessed more land than claimed.

The court also criticised Bahria Town for using the alleged shortfall as an excuse to halt payments, emphasising that the realtor owed Rs460 billion over seven years but had only paid Rs24 billion so far.

Furthermore, the court noted that Bahria Town had not deposited agreed-upon instalments in the Supreme Court account for an extended period, resulting in default of the consent order.

The court’s order also highlighted the unauthorised remittance of funds amounting to 136 million pounds and $44 million into accounts maintained by the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) in the name of the Supreme Court registrar.

The court expressed regret over these transactions, which were unrelated to the case and involved funds detected by the UK’s National Crime Agency, potentially linked to criminal activities.

Once the outstanding payments are made, the NBP will close the account held in the name of the Supreme Court registrar. The court’s decision aims to address the perceived misuse of legal processes by Bahria Town and ensure compliance with agreed-upon financial obligations.

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