SC moved against power price hike

power price hike

Lahore: A formal petition has been lodged with the Lahore Registry of the Supreme Court, contesting the substantial escalation in electricity tariffs.

The petition, moved by local attorney Advocate Mudassar Chaudhry was presented to the human rights division of the Supreme Court’s Lahore Registry.

The petitioner asserts that there has been an exponential rise in electricity costs, burdening the general populace.

The escalated price, now fixed at Rs 50 per unit, has reportedly driven individuals from impoverished backgrounds to tragic measures, including suicide.

Brace for another power hike

The petition implores the court to promptly reverse the dramatic surge in electricity prices.

As per the official notification of the price adjustment released on July 27, revised tariffs are as follows:

Consumers utilizing up to 100 units per month will face a hike of Rs 3 per unit, resulting in a new rate of Rs 16.48 per unit.

Those consuming between 101 and 200 units will see a surge of Rs 4 per unit, setting the tariff at Rs 22.95 per unit.

Consumers utilizing 201 to 300 units monthly will experience an increase of Rs 5 per unit, with the new cost per unit being Rs 27.14.

For the bracket of 301 to 400 units, a notable surge of Rs 6.50 per unit is introduced, making the tariff Rs 32.03 per unit.

Customers using 500 units will now be subjected to a hike of Rs 7.50 per unit, resulting in a tariff of Rs 35.24 per unit.

Electricity users falling within the range of 501 to 600 units will be charged Rs 37.80 per unit under the new structure.

It is essential to note that lifeline consumers will continue to be billed at the prior rates. The revised rates are applicable to all electricity distribution companies, including K-Electric.

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