SBP orders banks to remain open on weekends


ISLAMABAD: The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) issued a directive on Friday instructing banks to extend their operational hours over the weekend (Saturday till Sunday morning) to facilitate the public in paying taxes through various channels.

According to an official statement from the SBP, all banks that open on Saturdays will observe extended working hours on both Saturday and Sunday. The extended hours on December 30 (Saturday) will be until 5 pm, and on December 31 (Sunday), banks will remain operational until 8 pm.

The SBP said that the move aims to streamline the tax collection process by utilizing alternate delivery channels and over-the-counter facilities during the extended weekend hours.

The SBP’s decision is part of an effort to provide convenience to the masses and enhance accessibility to banking services for tax-related transactions.

The directive emphasizes the importance of accommodating taxpayers and ensuring that banking services are readily available to meet the increased demand during the tax collection period.

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