Robbery incidents decreased by 11 per cent, claims Islamabad police

Islamabad police

ISLAMABAD: Armed robbery and theft incidents in Islamabad have decreased by 11percent compared to the previous year, according to the nine-month performance report released by the Islamabad police.

The report also indicates that 1,355 criminals have been apprehended in Islamabad this year, marking a 20percent increase from the previous year.

Additionally, law enforcement has taken action against 546 criminal gangs in Islamabad, representing a 33 percent surge from the previous year.

Islamabad police crackdown against illegal aliens continues

A total of 18,320 FIRs (First Information Reports) were registered, demonstrating a five percent increase compared to the previous year.

Operations conducted by the police have resulted in the recovery of stolen goods worth more than Rs 260 million, a significant 65percent rise from the previous year.

The report states that 1,605 personnel have been deployed for high-security zones, which is a 35percent increase from the year 2022.

Furthermore, the rate of criminals receiving punishment through the courts has increased by 18percent compared to the previous year, as reported by the Islamabad Police.

Ongoing police operations against illegal resident foreigners in Islamabad have led to the arrest of 451 individuals, with 65 cases registered against them in different police stations, according to the Capital Police report.

The Islamabad Capital Police emphasized the importance of following rules for living in Pakistan and highlighted that providing employment, shelter, and assistance to illegal aliens is a criminal offense.


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