Rescue 1122 handles over 168,000 emergencies in one month

rescue 1122 emergency cases

WEB DESK: In a recent meeting, Dr Rizwan Naseer, Secretary of the Emergency Services Department (ESD), assessed the operational performance of all districts.

The meeting, attended by key stakeholders, utilised video conferencing to bring together Regional Emergency Officers (REOs), District Emergency Officers (DEOs) from Punjab, the Administrator of ESD, Deputy Director of Operations, Provincial Monitoring Officer, and heads of various wings, along with senior officers from the ESD.

During the meeting, the Provincial Monitoring Officer presented a comprehensive overview, revealing that Rescue 1122 had successfully rescued 162,758 victims while responding to 168,648 emergencies throughout the province in January 2024.

The officer delved into the specifics of different operations, showcasing the department’s commitment to swift and effective emergency responses.

However, Dr Rizwan Naseer expressed deep concern over the grim statistics of 324 fatalities resulting from 30,063 road accidents last month.

Urging motorbike riders to embrace road safety measures, he emphasised the importance of adhering to the International “Love-30” campaign, a global initiative aimed at promoting safer road practices.

In response to the concerning number of road accidents, Dr Naseer directed all DEOs to intensify efforts to educate citizens about the hazards of illegal parking.

Moreover, he stressed the need to enlighten commuters about precautionary measures, particularly during the ongoing foggy season, to mitigate potential risks.

Addressing the issue of unattended vehicles causing illegal hurdles, the Secretary instructed DEOs to establish effective coordination and liaison with the National Highways and Motorways Police.

This collaborative approach aims to tackle the problem of unattended vehicles obstructing roadways, ensuring smoother traffic flow and enhanced safety for all road users.

The meeting concluded with a shared commitment to further enhance emergency response capabilities, promote road safety awareness, and foster collaboration with external agencies to create a safer environment for the residents of Punjab.


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