Rawalpindi shivers as gas supply problems worsen

Rawalpindi gas load shedding issue

RAWALPINDI: In a recurring ordeal, Rawalpindi residents are once again grappling with a severe shortage of gas supply during the morning hours, disrupting daily routines and leaving households in disarray.

The issue, predominantly affecting areas such as Fazal Town, Gulistan Colony, Chaklala Scheme 3, and Shah Residency, has intensified the winter woes of the locals.

As families hustle through the morning rush, attempting to dress children, pack school bags, and prepare breakfast, the absence of gas supplies adds an unwelcome layer to the no-breakfast conundrum.

The situation is exacerbated by the unpredictability of the gas department’s decisions, creating a challenging environment for the residents.

Winter, a season usually associated with warmth and familial joy, takes a sombre turn as the gas department’s policies continue to cast a shadow over Rawalpindi’s households.

The routine task of taking a hot bath before heading to work becomes a luxury, with the gas supply frequently being cut off, leaving many with no option but to endure the inconvenience.

Particularly affected areas, including Gulistan Colony and those near Ayub National Park, bear the brunt of this recurring issue. The daily absence of gas in these localities disrupts the normalcy of life for Pindiites, whose winter lifestyle is intricately tied to the constancy of gas supply.

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Residents of Gulistan Colony voiced their frustration, citing difficulties in cooking meals due to prolonged waits for gas pressure to stabilise.

The situation has forced some to explore alternative cooking methods, including the use of LPG cylinders and stoves, albeit at a considerable cost.

Others, unable to afford such alternatives, resort to cutting down trees for firewood to keep their hearts burning.

The persistent gas crunch issue in Rawalpindi paints a grim picture for its ordinary citizens, who find themselves increasingly burdened by the lack of a basic necessity.

As the situation drags on, the city’s residents are left grappling with the harsh realities of winter without the essential support of a consistent gas supply.

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