Rawalpindi administration recovers occupied commercial properties worth billions

Rawalpindi illegal properties

RAWALPINDI: In a collaborative effort between the district administration and Rawalpindi police, abandoned commercial properties owned by the Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB), valued at billions of rupees, have been successfully reclaimed from illegal possession.

According to reports, the cumulative value of these properties exceeds Rs4 billion. Situated on Tipu Road and Hafeez Road in Rawalpindi, these properties span over 108 kanals of commercial land.

As per a spokesperson from the district administration, the disposal process strictly followed Supreme Court orders.

All available resources were mobilised to ensure the rightful transfer of over 108 kanals of commercial properties that were previously abandoned by the ETPB.

This noteworthy operation is in line with the ongoing commitment to address and resolve the issue of illegally occupied ETPB properties, adhering to legal directives.

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