Rainstorm havoc: IESCO restores power to more than 100 feeders


ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) has said that after the power thunderstorm last night their men are working around the clock to restore power and so far electricity has been restored on 100 feeders.

A powerful storm battered Islamabad during the night leaving a trail of electrical disruptions in its wake. IESCO reported that 25 feeders across the city’s circle were knocked out of commission as a result of the tempestuous weather, affecting thousands of residents.

IESCO promptly swung into action, mobilizing repair crews to address the widespread power outages. In a statement issued by the utility company, IESCO assured the public that restoration efforts were underway around the clock.

A total of six feeders in the Attock circle, along with a dozen feeders in the Rawalpindi city circle, succumbed to the Monday night storm. According to IESCO, power has already been restored to more than 100 feeders affected by the storm.

Thunderstorm plunges Islamabad in darkness

However, a considerable challenge still remains, as power supply to 11 feeders in the Rawalpindi Circle Cantonment area continues to be disrupted.

The storm also caused trees to fall at multiple places in the city, including Islamabad Expressway, Zero Point, and Margalla Road. Capital Development Authority (CDA) staff is also in the process of removing fallen trees on the roads in Islamabad.

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