Punjab reports 52 new dengue cases in 24 hours

LAHORE: Over the last 24 hours, Punjab has reported an additional 52 cases of dengue fever, pushing the total confirmed cases for the year to 14,815.

Lahore, with 6,814 cases, remains the most heavily affected city, followed by Rawalpindi (2,649), Gujranwala (1,567), Multan (1,421), and Faisalabad (889).

The province is actively combatting the mosquito-borne disease, currently treating 44 patients across various hospitals. Lahore is grappling with the highest number of cases, with 25 patients admitted to district hospitals.

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Health Secretary Ali Jaan Khan has urged citizens to stay vigilant and adopt preventive measures against the disease. Stressing the importance of maintaining clean and dry surroundings, he emphasized these practices as essential to curbing the spread of dengue fever.

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