Punjab notifies hike in salaries, pensions

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LAHORE: The Punjab caretaker government on Tuesday notified a 35 per cent increase in the salary of government officials employed in grades 1-16.

The decision comes after persistent protests and advocacy by government employees for a raise in their salaries, signaling a positive development in the ongoing dialogue between the authorities and the workforce.

Under the newly issued notification, officials employed in grades 1 to 16 are set to receive a substantial 35 per cent increase in their salaries, while employees in grades 17 to 22 will see their salaries boosted by 30 per cent.

PM directs Punjab govt salaries in par with centre

The increase in salaries, however, will be made on the current basic salary of the government servants, the notification said.

In addition, the provincial government has given the green light for a 17.5 per cent increase in pensions, aimed at improving the financial well-being of retired government servants.

It may be noted that the government employees in Punjab had been protesting for a raise in their salaries. The protests ended with the assurance of the federal government.

An All Government Employees Alliance had been formed to force the Punjab government to accept their demands.

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