Punjab govt launches crackdown on ‘obscene dances’

LAHORE: The Punjab government has initiated a comprehensive crackdown on commercial theatres, including those managed by the Punjab Arts Council, to eradicate performances it considers scandalous and obscene.

This initiative is being carried out through strict enforcement of existing laws and regulations.

In a significant move, the home department has issued show-cause notices to 14 actresses engaged in performances at commercial theatres in Lahore. This action follows similar notices sent to nine actresses on August 9.

As no responses were received within the stipulated seven days, FIRs were lodged against two actresses – Shama Rana and Payal Chaudhry. Both presented bail before arrest as police arrived to detain them.

According to reports, the department sources revealed that commercial theatres obtain approval for each stage performance and script, excluding dances. However, these performances often include “vulgar and obscene dances” that violate the permitted content.

Earlier, it was discovered that such performances deemed inappropriate were also occurring in government theatres under the Punjab Arts Council. This revelation led to the prohibition of commercial stage plays at the Alhamra Art Centre in Lahore.

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