Punjab govt bans rallies on Independence day

LAHORE: The caretaker administration in Punjab has enforced a ban on rallies set for August 14.

According to sources, a special law and order meeting about Independence Day was chaired by the caretaker Punjab Chief Minister (CM) Mohsin Naqvi.

The sources said that the meeting was attended by various officials including  the Chief Secretary, Additional Chief Secretary for Interior, Inspector General of Police, Additional IG for the Special Branch, Capital City Police Officer, Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner, and other officials.

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During the meeting, CM Naqvi instructed the Inspector-General Punjab to ensure the safety of citizens throughout the province on the Independence Day. He also directed the relevant authorities to take stringent measures against individuals involved in disrupting the law and order.

Meanwhile , the Punjab caretaker government has said that solely the act of hoisting the national flag will be permitted on August 14, with no political parties granted permission for holding rallies.

Furthermore, CM Naqvi stressed that strict actions would be taken against those responsible for inciting violence, engaging in disorderly behavior, practicing one-wheeling, and modifying motorcycles in public areas on the Independence day.

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