Punjab govt all set to launch E-bikes to prevent city smog intensity

E bikes

LAHORE: In a significant move aimed at curbing smog intensity, Caretaker Provincial Transport and Livestock Minister Ibrahim Hasan Murad announced on Tuesday that the government is poised to introduce electric bikes (E-bikes).

Speaking to a state-run news channel, Murad revealed that these E-bikes not only promise to be cost-effective but will also be available for lease to government employees.

Detailing the government’s broader environmental initiatives, Murad emphasized the introduction of E-bikes and the installation of safe city cameras. These cameras, he explained, will detect smoke-emitting vehicles, triggering immediate alerts to field forces.

In tandem with this, the Electric Vehicles Policy is viewed as a crucial step to foster a safe environment, encourage local production of e-vehicles, and provide incentives, ultimately striving to capture a substantial market share.

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Highlighting the environmentally friendly aspect of E-bikes, which operate as zero-emission vehicles using lithium-ion batteries, Murad underscored their potential as a cost-effective alternative to traditional transportation. He stressed the importance of media involvement in creating awareness campaigns through private TV channels and radio, particularly regarding energy conservation and the necessity of wearing face masks during smoggy weather.

Addressing the issue of traffic violations, Murad informed that the administration has initiated a strict crackdown, announcing hefty fines for rule infractions. Approximately 33 to 34 crore vehicles are currently subject to fines, a measure intended to dissuade the use of vehicles contributing to pollution. The crackdown is slated to persist until the next month.

Praising the steps taken by the Punjab government in alignment with the Prime Minister’s eco-friendly measures, Murad declared that Punjab is poised to become the first province in the country to offer significant incentives to owners of electric vehicles.

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