Implementation of Punjab driving license fee hike deferred till Jan 16

Punjab driving license

LAHORE: Caretaker Chief Minister Punjab, Mohsin Naqvi, has announced the extension of the application deadline for the new driving license fee until January 16, providing relief to citizens.

This marks the second postponement by the Chief Minister, who had earlier deferred the implementation until January 10.

The date for the application of the new driving license fee has been extended by 5 days, aligning it with the new deadline of January 16.

In a surprise visit to the Police Service Center Liberty in Lahore, Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi engaged with a crowd of citizens, inquiring about their concerns.

Promptly addressing complaints of delays in the driving test, he announced the establishment of eight additional centers for car driving tests at Gaddafi Stadium.

Punjab govt raises learner’s driving licence fee to Rs1,000

Acknowledging citizen requests, the Chief Minister increased the number of driving test centers and confirmed that the new driving Punjab license fee would now be applicable from January 16.

Taking into account the citizens’ grievances, he expedited the application deadline.

During the visit, Mohsin Naqvi listened to citizens facing issues with obtaining driving licenses and issued immediate orders to address them. He directed the Inspector General Punjab to manage the rush and expedite license processing.

The announcement was welcomed by citizens, who expressed their support with chants of “Mohsin Naqvi Zindabad.”


The Punjab government has significantly increased the fee for obtaining a learner’s driving license, escalating it from Rs60 to Rs1,000.

The cabinet approved fee hikes for licenses about light transport vehicles (LTV), heavy transport vehicles (HTV), and public service vehicles (PSV). Additionally, citizens from the United States, Canada, and other countries will now be able to apply online for licenses, subject to a $100 license fee.

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