Senior lawyer Latif Khosa joins PTI

Latif Khosa

ISLAMABAD: In a significant development, senior lawyer Latif Khosa has announced to join the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).

Khosa annouced joining the PTI while speaking at a press conference along with PTI leader Intizar Panjotha.

Panjotha expressed a warm welcome to Latif Khosa, acknowledging his decision to join the PTI with open arms, describing it as a pivotal moment in the political landscape of Pakistan.

Panjotha lauded Latif Khosa, stating, “Latif Khosa will be remembered with golden words in the politics of Pakistan.” He revealed that Khosa’s decision to join PTI was in accordance with the wish of PTI Chairman Imran Khan.

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Khosa expressing concern over the recurrent removal of prime ministers through various means, said, “How long will the game of removing our prime ministers last? Some were beaten constitutionally and some physically. Today, we are looking at the courts again.”

He urged the current judiciary to uphold justice and avoid the pitfalls of historical precedents. “We expect the judiciary to give equal justice. 25 crore people are looking towards the judiciary,” he said.

Addressing the deteriorating law and order situation, Khosa expressed the public’s plea for security and protection of their lives and property. He highlighted the current lack of safeguards for life, privacy, and the sanctity of homes, urging authorities to address these pressing concerns.

In a candid response to queries about his decision to join PTI amid reported departures from the party, Khosa asserted, “People say to me that everyone is leaving PTI after doing a press conference, and you are joining PTI. If loving the people of Pakistan is madness, then yes, I am mad.”

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