Provincial govt clarifies expenses on artificial rain


LAHORE: Provincial Information Minister Amir Mir addressing concerns surrounding the expense of artificial rain in the ongoing efforts to combat smog in Lahore clarified that the expenditure on artificial rain is estimated to be in thousands, not millions.

In a press conference on Saturday, Amir Mir categorically refuted the statement suggesting a cost of 350 million rupees for artificial rain in Lahore, emphasizing that the information was entirely incorrect.

Punjab’s push for clean air: Minister advocates electric vehicles to fight smog, air pollution

Mir informed the media that the aircraft designated for artificial rain has been grounded for three years. In the event that clouds do appear on November 29, the artificial rain will be initiated selectively in certain areas. However, he reiterated that the associated expenditure is in the thousands and not in the millions, as previously misconstrued.

Addressing the larger issue of smog, Amir Mir shared that the provincial government is consulting experts from China for effective strategies in combating smog. He pointed out that the combined impact of crops, vehicles, and motorcycles is contributing significantly to the prevailing smog issue.

Commenting on China’s experience with smog, Mir acknowledged that it took a considerable amount of time for China to address and tackle smog-related challenges successfully.

In a forward-looking initiative, Aamer Mir mentioned that the government is initiating a project for electric bikes to reduce the environmental impact of traditional modes of transport.

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